Project Natty are an artist duo, Natanya Mark and Nathan Bather, who live and work together. Their collective practice explores DIY homestyle-fashion that incorperates re-purposed materials.

Pashion is a ongoing collective movement, founded by Project Natty in 2019.

Pashion (pasta + fashion = pashion) events bring together South East London makers to crit, skill share, showcase home-works and wearables and run collaborative public workshops. These events are always enjoyed over a bowl of steaming, collaboratively hand-made, fresh - and saucy, pasta.

As part of this work, we developed the typeface pashion - with lettering traced from homemade pasta.

Project Natty have run Pashion projects at 1b Swanfield St, Shoreditch and at AMP Gallery, Peckham in 2019. The most recent iteration was Pashion presents Second Life Club: Spaghetti Seance at F.A.T. Studio, Peckham, 2021. You can read more about Second Life Club here.

Project Natty is a lead partner in Rotterdam Fashion Week 2022, where they will be running their next Pashion project.

Instagram: @project_natty